Belgrano Day School

Belgrano Day School

Belgrano Day School

基本資料 | Information

Belgrano Day School is a private selective bilingual mixed-sex day school located in the Belgrano neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It offers a national and international curriculum for pupils aged 2 to 18 years old. Graduates obtain the national Bilingual Baccalaureate and may optionally take the IGCSE, AICE, AS and A levels of the Cambridge International Examinations.

The school draws its pupils from a wide area of Buenos Aires, but the majority come from within the districts of Belgrano, Núñez and Palermo. All pupils in primary, middle and senior schools belong to a house, North, South, East or West, through which internal competitions are organized. The school has over one hundred teachers and support staff from Argentina and abroad.

Pupils are of all religious beliefs, however the school has a Catholic orientation. Pupils can prepare for First Communion and Confirmation and may attend monthly masses. Participation in all religious activities is optional.

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