Alexander Road High School

Alexander Road High School

Alexander Road High School

基本資料 | Information

Our History

"We are committed to creating a happy, safe, stable and caring environment through mutual dignity and respect."
Our Heritage
Our school was born on 24 January 1955 in pre-fabricated buildings on the grounds of Andrew Rabie High School. There were 155 pupils, the principal Mr Winston Cordingley, and 5 teachers. Three additional classrooms for 'standard sixes' were later opened on Seventh Avenue, Newton Park. In 1956 we moved to our present home.

Over the years, additions and alterations have been carried out to cater for the ever-increasing drive to provide quality education at Alex. These additions include: our restaurant complex, solar heated swimming and waterpolo pool, the music block, auditorium, arts centre, drama centre and state of the art computer laboratories.
Our Vision

We strive to be a happy, stable, caring school where we create a sense of belonging in all our members. We hope to maintain a progressive, pro-active approach to our responsibility of building a nation and providing an excellent standard of education. We will continue to integrate academic, cultural and sporting endeavours; spiritual, emotional and moral development, and social awareness. We recognise Alex's role as a leader in the community, both immediate and further afield.

"We are committed to maintaining a warm, family identity"

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