Jordanhill School in Glasgow

Jordanhill School in Glasgow

Jordanhill School in Glasgow

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Jordanhill School educates children from age 4-19. It is on Chamberlain Road in Glasgow, Scotland. It was formerly run by Jordanhill College of Education as its demonstration school, and was previously known as Jordanhill College School.

Uniquely among mainstream Scottish schools, it is funded directly by the Scottish Government, rather than through the local authority, in this case Glasgow City Council.

The school consists of a primary department and a secondary department. In the primary, P1 & P2 have three classes of twenty-two pupils each while P3-P7 have two classes of thirty-three. Pupils in upper Primary spend up to 60% of their week working in the Secondary department. The secondary school takes in an additional thirty-three pupils in S1 to bring the number per year up to 99. The school is categorised as non-denominational.

The school is state-funded by direct grant from the Scottish Government, and is non fee-paying. The school catchment area encompasses predominantly owner-occupied housing in West Glasgow. The school regularly records among the best exam results in Scotland.

The school was inspected in 2013 by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education.

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