Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School

Individuals matter. In our diverse, creative and vibrant school community there’s capacity for everyone to be themselves and for students to achieve their best in all areas of school life.

FHS is all about achieving excellence and unlocking the creative potential in every one in the learning community.

A curriculum to meet the needs of all –
FHS was congratulated by Ofsted for offering a good academic curriculum with outstanding features. We emphasise the skills of literacy and numeracy and offer a strong foundation in a wide range of subjects.

We understand that young people learn in a variety of ways and at different paces and our curriculum supports all students to succeed to the best of their ability. Our students are encouraged to unlock their creative potential in all subjects, from sport to science and from computer programming to drama. We challenge them to expand their skills and understanding from their very first day.

As they move through the school, our students are supported and guided towards selecting the most appropriate route of study based upon their aptitude, interest and motivation.

FHS already has outstanding leadership, outstanding Maths and English teaching and learning, and outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students; there is lots of work being done to achieve outstanding in all areas.

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