Karcultaby Area School

Karcultaby Area School

 Karcultaby Area School

Karcultaby Area School is a diverse K-12 school located 1km off the highway, between Minnipa and Poochera, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Other than children of staff, all students travel to and from school on school buses.

The school is very fortunate to have over 300 acres of arable farm land that is utilised to support school fundraising and learning programs, a unique and wonderful asset.

Karcultaby Area School has an overarching vision of achieving 'Success for all'. Success permeates all that is planned, programmed and actioned whether on the sporting field, in the classroom or within the vocational and alternative learning pathways provided. The school and community are proud of the education offered to the students and of the caring and family atmosphere that exists.

The school's chosen core values of respect, honesty and caring do indicate the strength that Karcultaby Area School places on fostering positive relationships between staff, students and parents. Karcultaby Area School may be small and remote, however as a school community, we feel unique and very proud of our school, the students and of programs provided.

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