Baulkham Hills High School (寶琴山高中)

Baulkham Hills High School


BAULKHAM HILLS HIGH SCHOOL began in 1970. It was officially opened on Saturday, 23 March 1974 by the then Governor, Sir Roden Cutler.

The original Year 7 was unable to attend classes at the Baulkham Hills High School site as it was under construction, so they were billeted along with their teachers at Castle Hill High School where they spent one year. The new intake of Year 7 students was able to access the brand new buildings and facilities available at that time. At this point the school consisted only of Year 7 and Year 8. In 1990 the school became a Selective High School catering for academically gifted and talented students. The school became fully selective in 1995.

Today there are 1180 students attending Baulkham Hills High School compared with the 120 students who first started at the school. The school also has a Support Unit for students with special learning needs. The academically gifted students show an enormous amount of empathy and compassion to the students from t

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