Sydney Girls High School(雪梨女子高中)

Sydney Girls High School


The Public Instruction Act of 1880 was responsible for the establishment of eight high schools in NSW- four for boys and four for girls - in Sydney, W.Maitland, Bathurst and Goulburn, in recognition of the need "to provide a course of instruction for the completion of the Public School Curriculum and the preparation of students for the University of Sydney". Previously males would have required private secondary education to qualify for entry to the University and there was no provision for females at all.

The Sydney Morning Herald of September 17, 1883 invited boys and girls to attend an examination to qualify for admission to the new Sydney Schools on September 20, 1883. Following this examination 46 boys and 39 girls reported to the school on October 8. Some had been awarded scholarships to cover school fees, some were to pay 8 pounds 8 shillings per year and the rest paid nothing because their parents were unable to pay fees.
The building chosen as the site of the new schools w

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