Japanese Kawaii Schoolgirls Uniforms | Lucy Pop fashion Brand | 可愛い制服は、Lucy Pop ! | 女子高生ファッション

Lucy Pop is a Japanese fashion brand produced by the company Hibiki Inc. located in Tokyo.
Lucy Pop is all about kawaii (cute) schoolgirl uniforms, and has been created to offer to teenagers a little more kawaii and fun uniforms than they are used to.

Beautiful and Trusted Japanese High quality
Lucy Pop school items are manufactured in cooperation with a Japanese school uniform manufacturer.

Lucy Pop's scrunchies, uniform ribbons, neckties, skirts, etc... can suit your mood to style yourself like a pop star, an innocent girl, a Japanese idol or a sophisticated woman.
You can also combine Lucy Pop items with your favorite clothes for an unique look!

Photos available on the Kawaii♥Pateen facebook page :

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