Dundee High School(丹地中學)

Dundee High School


基本資料 | Information

Dundee High is one of the best schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal where a pupil is sure to receive every opportunity to fulfil his/her potential.

Academically, our curriculum offers a wide variety of subject packages. Subjects which are seldom offered in other schools are German, and Art. Dundee has these. The scientifically orientated scholar can pursue a double science course; the commercially minded can choose Accounting, Economics, Business Studies and Computer Applications Technology. Mechanical Technology and Engineering Graphics and Design are available for those who wish to strive ahead in the field of engineering or architecture. The International Computer Driver's Licence (ICDL) as well as a computerised career guidance course gives each pupil direction in many career fields and keeps our students at the forefront of basic computer literacy. We also offer Information Technology for those interested in programming. Thus, at all levels, Dundee High gives its students the opportunity to study within the range of their ability and interest, enabling them to gain entrance to any University or Technikon.

The extra-curricular facilities at Dundee High include an active Swimming Club in our own swimming pool, a maintained athletics track, grassed rugby, hockey and cricket fields and tarred netball fields, as well as tennis courts. The large school hall has also been the venue for many cultural activities. Pupils who participate in the extra-mural programme are given the further privilege of late transport every afternoon to Dannhauser, Glencoe and Hattingspruit, and on sport days, free transport to the venues in one of our four buses.

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校園 | Campus