Hoerskool Uitsig

Hoerskool Uitsig

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The word “enthusiasm” means “God within”. Therefore it is with great enthusiasm and full confidence that God will bless and lead Hoërskool Uitsig’s learners, their parents/guardians, the educators and staff, our SGB and our community, that I take over the reins of this excellent secondary school.

Hoërskool Uitsig’s core activity is to optimally identify and develop each learner’s unique potential with quality teaching, learning and participation so that their future successfully awaits.

Each of Hoërskool Uitsig’s 1056 learners, our “Chillies”, is our top priority and we view the educational task of Hoërskool Uitsig’s unique and talented human potential as a privilege and sincere responsibility. Here we teach and educate from a Christian perspective and we inspire daily with the practice of values such as excellence, compassion, positive thoughts, integrity and respect.

High academic standards are our criteria and each of our 64 dynamic, informed and dedicated educators endeavours to create a disciplined, positive and productive learning environment in their classrooms.

Subject choices focused on the future as well as academic achievements which open up tertiary study and/or career opportunities are encouraged. On Monday afternoons we have academic afternoons as well as intervention programmes to support learners to achieve their academic goals. Proudly we boast with our good matric results of 2016: 115 distinctions were obtained and the top achievers are each Bianca Niemand with 7A’s as well as Kirsten Richards and Wesley Phalafala with 5A’s. We strive, in a future focused manner, to achieve a 100% pass rate and even better quality results.

Cultural and sport participation make our learners balanced champions on their way to adulthood. Although top achievements are our pride and joy, the involvement and participation of each and every Chillie is our goal. We believe there is a participation- and/or supporters’ space under the Uitsig sun for every single learner. Use the numerous opportunities in leadership, entrepreneurship, sport and culture, because it encourages individual skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, showmanship and good self-confidence in our learners.

Thank you to our SGB, especially the chairperson, Me. Millie Sibiya for their competent role and skill in the management of our school. Parents/ guardians, you are our most valued educational partners at Hoërskool Uitsig. Thank you for loving your children and for your support with daily organisation, logistics, neatness, school fees, effective time management and above all motivation.

Together, with enthusiasm, let us build the future focused success story of Hoërskool Uitsig!

Dr. Gerhard Maré

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