Our Lady of Lourdes College Valenzuela

Our Lady of Lourdes College Valenzuela

Our Lady of Lourdes College Valenzuela

基本資料 | Information

Our Lady of Lourdes College was established on Feb. 11, 1986. After twenty-nine years of meaningful existence it is time to reflect on the next quarter of a century. Yesterday’s blessing means undeniable responsibilities that calls for immediate but courageous responses.

Twenty nine years ago Mr. And Dr. Alfredo Demetillo was blessed with an inspiration and courage to plant a small seed meant to nourish the minds of the new generation. From its humble beginning the Our Lady of Lourdes College has blossomed into and educational institution with far reaching influence beyond the confine of Valenzuela City. This phenomenal growth has come about in spite hardship and indescribable challenges expected of a growing institution.

The mission to build a safe OLLC reminds all to be proactive to impending crises which hopefully will not happen. A comprehensive SAFETY PROGRAM does not just include fire and earthquake drills, campus flood control. Hygienic campus with segregated waste management but above all it generates students’ understanding of their responsibilities to prevent any form of student bullying and harassment thereby building a healthy, better organized learning community.

The challenges are significant. The problems are many but the determination to soar towards excellence at 25 is greater. The themes of the jubilee plainly describe the effort not only to rise beyond attitudes of complacency without getting stuck in the past due to perceived solutions that gradually turned into problems. It clearly depicts a bold response to marshal all human and material resources to attain quality in the face of daunting difficulties.

Our claim here may appear exaggerated but in this community of learners we cannot but be passionate in our endeavor to build a learning institution that fully expresses the other meaning of OLLC – Outstanding Life Learning Community.

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