Davis College Mallow(馬羅戴維斯學院)

Davis College Mallow


基本資料 | Information

Our mission statement takes inspiration from Thomas Davis, the nineteenth century writer and educationalist, who famously said, ‘Educate that you may be free.’ We in Davis College strive to ensure that the service we provide to the young people of Mallow gives them the freedom to achieve their goals and ambitions in life. This means that they experience the highest quality of teaching and learning to enable them to participate in the world of higher or further education, or the workplace.

As well as a strong focus on academic attainment we education is also about instilling in students such values as self-esteem, self-worth, respect for others and the environment, a strong work ethic, self-discipline and an appreciation of the richness of life. In other words, we strive to develop the whole person and we do so in a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment where our students can fulfill their potential in an atmosphere of mutual respect. This is what Davis College is about and we invite you to live that experience with us.

We draw inspiration and guidance from the words of Thomas Davis:

“Educate that you may be free”.

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