Mount Anville Secondary School

Mount Anville Secondary School

Mount Anville Secondary School

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St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart, saw the Christian education of young women as a goal in itself and also as a means of bringing Christian influence to bear on the whole social fabric. In due time this led to the establishment of the school known as Mount Anville.

In accordance with the express desire of the Foundress that the Society should expand in Ireland, and at the request of Cardinal Paul Cullen, a beginning was made in Glasnevin House in 1853.

In 1865 the school moved Southside when the Society purchased Mount Anville from an eminent Irishman, Mr. William Dargan. A boarding school was built and, once again, in line with the policy advocated by St. Madeleine Sophie, a primary school was also established.

The Society’s educational vision and its desire to respond effectively to evolving needs were the motivation factors in development in the second half of the 20th Century. In 1954 Mother M. Bodkin with Mother Vera Power founded the Montessori School. In 1955 the Mount Anville Primary School (which had co-existed with the boarding school since the foundation) received a new building. In 1956, in response to a request from the Archbishop of Dublin, a secondary day school was begun. In 1966 this day school was amalgamated with the boarding school. In 1967, with the closure of another Sacred Heart School in Leeson Street, Dublin, a considerable proportion of the student body joined Mount Anville and numbers were again increased when Monkstown Sacred Heart School closed ten years later. In 1981 the boarding school was closed.

In twenty-five years, Mount Anville was transformed from a small boarding school to a relatively large day school, with policy set to keep the intake at secondary level to the optimum number of around 600.

As an Irish School we deeply value our Irish Heritage. Our strong links with the Society of the Sacred Heart throughout the world and its rich tradition add an international dimension and enhance our education philosophy

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