Kinross High School(金羅斯中學)

Kinross High School


Kinross High School is a state school in Kinross, Scotland. It is located adjacent to the leisure centre, and is part of Loch Leven Community Campus, named after the nearby Loch Leven. In 2010, the school moved from the old building located on the high street to the new campus about half a mile down the road. The school has about 1012 pupils enrolled and about 100 members of staff. It is now a Community Campus with public facilities including a climbing wall, a gym, a library and several meeting rooms. The main corridor is called the street which is where the majority of pupils meet during break and lunchtime. There are 4 eating places in all - Food To Go, fast food lane, baguette bar and the hot food bar.

There are three houses - Lomond, Benarty and Ochil. The house the pupil is in depends on the floor that they get registered in - the bottom being Ochil, the middle being Benarty and the top being Lomond.

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