St Aloysius College, Glasgow

St Aloysius College, Glasgow

St Aloysius College, Glasgow

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St Aloysius' College is a selective fee-paying, independent, Jesuit school in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1859, and named after the Jesuit Aloysius Gonzaga. Its strong Jesuit ethos emphasises practice of the Roman Catholic faith both in the church and in the community, with many charitable and community-based groups in the school although there are now no Jesuits in the school, nor a priest chaplain. The nearby Jesuit St. Aloysius Church accommodates a regular school Mass schedule and special Masses on feast days.

St Aloysius' College is a co-educational school with a kindergarten, junior school, and senior school. There are four houses: Aloysius Gonzaga, Ignatius of Loyola, John Ogilvie and Francis Xavier, named after Jesuit saints.

The College motto is Ad majora natus sum, which means "I am born for greater things." As in many Jesuit schools, pupils are instructed to inscribe AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – "To the greater glory of God") on all work. The school emblem is an eagle, and the College hymn is the Carmen Aloisianum.

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