West London Free School(西倫敦自由學校)

West London Free School


基本資料 | Information

The West London Free School is an English free school for girls and boys aged 11 to 18. It was co-founded by Toby Young and opened in 2011.

It is located in Hammersmith in west London and was the first free school of its type in England to sign a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education.

The West London Free School offers children a classical liberal education and is a music specialist school, with more than half the pupils learning a musical instrument. The school says it expects "every pupil to study a core of academically rigorous subjects, regardless of background or ability, but with plenty of art, music, drama and sport thrown in". Its production of Sweeney Todd in the summer of 2015 enjoyed a short, sell-out run at the Bush Theatre. On its website it states that it is a school "with high expectations, strong discipline and an academically rigorous curriculum, but which is open to all, regardless of income, ability or faith".

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