Marymount College (Adelaide)(瑪麗蒙特學院 (阿得雷德))

Marymount College (Adelaide)

瑪麗蒙特學院 (阿得雷德)

基本資料 | Information

Marymount College is an all-girls school in the suburb of Hove in Adelaide, South Australia that caters for girls in years 6 to 9.

Founded by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Marymount belongs to a group of three educational facilities, known as the Tri-School partnership. This group also consists of Sacred Heart College Senior and Sacred Heart College Middle School. Most of the students that pass through either of the middle schools continue on to the senior school, located nearby Marymount, in Somerton Park. The school has four houses: Adamson, McEwen, McLaughlin and Polding.

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校園 | Campus