Cabra Dominican College(卡布拉道明會學院)

Cabra Dominican College


基本資料 | Information

Cabra Dominican College is a private, independent Catholic high school located at Cumberland Park, an inner-southern suburb in Adelaide, South Australia. It was established by an order of Dominican sisters from Cabra, Dublin in February 1886 with nine sisters, and caring for 37 boarders and 4 day girls.[1] Originally offering a co-educational primary education and a high school education for girls, it began accepting boys into the high school in 1978.

The school caters for over 1,000 students and serves educational year grades from middle school to senior school (grade 6 to 12). The college also offers a grade 13 for those who wish to further their education or if further education is necessary. The college also accepts many international students from countries including China, South Korea, Brazil, Japan and Italy.

The college is distinguished by its rust coloured blazers–with the school colour scheme being gold, rust, black and white.

制服介紹 | Uniform Intro

校園 | Campus