Yule Brook College

Yule Brook College

Yule Brook College

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Yule Brook College formerly Maddington Senior High School[1] is a public middle school in Western Australia. The school is located on Dellar Road in the suburb of Maddington.

The school was initially established in 1978 as Maddington Senior High School then renamed as Yule Brook College in 2000[2] and caters for students from Year 7 to Year 10.

The school's creation was a result of government restructuring education facilities in the south east metropolitan corridor. Two new middle schools, Yule Brook and Cannington Community College, were opened in 2000 and 2001 respectively. A new senior campus, Sevenoaks Senior College for Year 11 and 12 was also opened in the old Cannington Senior High School site.

Enrolments at the school have been reasonably stable with around 250 students since Year 7s joined the school in 2015. Yule Brook College uses the Big Picture Education design, which focuses on 'one student at a time'.

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