Waikerie High School

Waikerie High School

Waikerie High School

基本資料 | Information

The Waikerie High School as it stands today was officially opened at 11:00am on February the 21st 1945 by the then Premier of South Australia Mr Thomas Playford accompanied by Hon R J Rudall (Minister of Lands).

The Headmaster, Mr Goldsworthy gave his introductory comments to approximately 50 parents and the 60 assembled students.

This was followed by a welcome to the Premier and party as given by the Chairman of the W.D.C, Cr J H Strangman.

The school was then declared open by the Premier and was supported by R J Rundall.

A vote of thanks was moved by Mr T C Scott MP and seconded by Mr L M Andrew.

After the National Anthem visitors were allowed to inspect the school and at 12:30pm the school was closed for the day to observe a half day holiday as granted by the Premier.

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