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Stuart High School

Stuart High School

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Stuart High recognises the need for further opportunities to promote a full range of authentic outcomes. Teachers and students understand that behaviour management issues do not often arise in work that is interesting, challenging and practically oriented. Attendance of students whose engagement with school was very poor has increased as they become engaged in constructive activities such as aquaculture, farming, building, hydroponics and horticulture. Pride in appearance and product outcomes has increased as success is gained in competition within a wider adult world.

With the establishment of more meaningful student teacher relationships and scaffolding the students to take learning risks, these students can and do move outside their comfort zone. They learn to take responsibility, connect with the adult world and develop resilience. Such underpinning approaches and skills have been the way back in for many students. They have reconnected with more traditional attainments of success.

Our students consistantly excel in SACE and enjoy meaningful careers and life experiences.

Our aim is to maintain the level of education that has been achievable for all students.

Our staff care about all students, regardless of social, educational or ethnic background.

The school recognises the need for further opportunities to promote a full range of authentic outcomes.

We are always striving to improve our teaching methods and get even better results for our students.

We are committed to promoting the educational achievements of all indigenous students and to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of all students about Aboriginal Australia, utilising sensitivity for their special needs and knowledge about Aboriginal cultural protocols.

Teachers and support staff at Stuart High School have a wide range of experiences and bring skills and understandings from a vast array of life and backgrounds, some of which include business. This variation in background and understanding of enterprise skills and approaches provides support for others who have a singular teaching background.

Attempting to embed high expectations across the school, while keeping them realistic and within the attainment of all students is a challenge. There is an understanding for the need to scaffold and support students in their enterprise learning, providing firm guidelines, discussing and practicing approaches and teaching about some of the elements that make up delivery of a project.

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