Mid North Christian College

Mid North Christian College

Mid North Christian College

基本資料 | Information

Mid North Christian College is a young and vibrant school which first opened its doors in 2005. Day one commenced with 95 students after a great deal of work by the board, parents and builders, along with much prayer by all concerned.

The College is interdenominational. Christians from many faith traditions are part of the school community. Faith plays an important part of life in the College with all students having an opportunity to come to know God.

Now, the college has an enrolment of more than 250 students. The Lord has blessed us wonderfully and we pray that He will continue to do so. Mid North Christian College is an F-12 school.

The College is single stream, although in 2017 we plan to begin a second stream starting in Foundation. One of the many great things about Mid North Christian College is our great range of facilities including science labs, home economics rooms and sports equipment. We also pride ourselves on our innovative curriculum, which includes a very successful aviation program for senior students from around the district.

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