Investigator College, Victor Harbor Campus

Investigator College, Victor Harbor Campus

Investigator College, Victor Harbor Campus

基本資料 | Information

Investigator College is named after the HMS Investigator – Matthew Flinders’ ship which he captained to Australia at the direction of the British Admiralty in 1801. Flinders’ task was to map the New Holland coastline and to study the flora and fauna of the new colony.

In naming the College ‘Investigator College’, the Board seeks to inspire students, staff and parents in their own voyage of learning by the same pioneering spirit and sense of adventure that was so evident [and necessary] in our early explorers.

Matthew Flinders remains an inspiration and a visionary whose spirit is captured in words like faith, skill, risk, endeavour, adventure and hope.

The compass, a vital determinant of the success of any journey, but of particular importance to the success of Matthew Flinders’ mission, forms our College logo. The Compass Rose symbolises the centrality placed by the College on assisting students to find their ‘direction’ in life. The Cross reminds us of the centrality of the Christian message of hope.

These pioneering qualities and the means by which we might determine our direction in life are as important today as they would have been for Flinders as he set out on his voyage.

‘A ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not where it is meant to be.’

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