Le Fevre High School

Le Fevre High School

Le Fevre High School

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Le Fevre High School, the oldest secondary school in the area, and one of the oldest and proudest in South Australia is named after the peninsula upon which is situated and for generations has been closely identified with life in and around Port Adelaide. One family, the Bilsborows have had 9 students and 4 generations attend the school between 1911 and the present time!

It appears the name LeFevre within South Australia and in the case of our school commemorates Sir John George Shaw-LeFevre, who was one of the Commisioners under whose auspices South Australia was founded. He was for more than 20 years the Vice Chancellor of London University. He was a learned man and could read 14 different languages. He was a member of the House of Commons, and later became Under Secretary at the Colonial Office. He declined the governership of Ceylon and instead became clerk of the Imperial Parliaments in 1855.

The actual spelling of Le Fevre remains contested to this time. The original spelli

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