Cloncurry State School

Cloncurry State School

Cloncurry State School

基本資料 | Information

Cloncurry State School lies at the centre of our town both geographically and socially.

We are a very proud P-12 co-educational school that prides itself on bringing families and students together not only from all over Australia but other countries as well.

The township of Cloncurry has a very transient population which from a school’s perspective can be highly challenging as we focus on developing a sense of pride and ownership in all that we do.

Not a week goes by when each class group is either not gaining a new student or losing a friend. For those of us who choose to have a lengthy stay we have the privilege of watching our students develop from toddlers through to young adults.

Parents are an integral part of the educational program at Cloncurry State School and are more than encouraged to participate in the daily ‘social life’ of the children.

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校園 | Campus