Kilcoy State High School

Kilcoy State High School

Kilcoy State High School

基本資料 | Information

At Kilcoy State High School, our purpose is to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for every student in our school. We do this by providing a quality curriculum for our learners. Our focus is teaching and learning in a safe, disciplined and productive environment.

Our school vision Expecting the Best, Achieving Success provides a focus and conveys the meaning of why we are here and that for which we strive. It is woven into the very fabric of our culture. We will achieve our vision because:

We have a strong foundation of values that are the standards for everything we do
We have an unrelenting focus on quality outcomes for students
We deliver world class education
The school community is very proud of our achievements and there is a sense of confidence in Kilcoy as being the school that provides choice and opportunity in a safe environment. This is evident in the successful transition of our students to work, training or tertiary studies. We continually look to the future to meet the changing needs of society and prepare young adults for their place in it.

Our practices are underpinned by academic rigour, initiatives to improve literacy and numeracy, integrated technology and flexible options and support for co-curricular activities. We are committed to developing a learning culture which ensures students are prepared for and engaged in learning through the use of productive pedagogy, performing to capacity, aspiring to a productive future and taking responsibility for their own outcomes.

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