St Patrick's College for Girls Campbelltown(坎貝爾敦聖派翠克女子學院)

St Patrick's College for Girls Campbelltown


基本資料 | Information

This original school was built on three acres of land donated by Mary Sheil, wife of Dennis Sheil and daughter of local pioneer, William Bradbury, and named St Patrick’s. The original building still stands today and is now known as ‘Quandong’, which houses the Campbelltown Historic Exhibition, Tourist Information Centre and the St Patrick’s museum.

Teachers from the general community staffed this early St Patrick’s until 1887 when the Sisters of the Good Samaritan assumed responsibility for the school. In 1888, after the completion of the new St John’s church in Cordeaux Street, a convent and school was established at the ’old’ St John’s ‘on the hill’ building and took its name from the original St Patrick’s at ‘Quandong’.

The final change in location came in 1970 when St Patrick’s moved from ‘old’ St John’s to its present location. This site was originally a Preparatory School for Boys named St John’s or “Westview” and was also conducted by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. From 1970 until today the College has continued to grow and now has an enrolment of over 730 students from Years 7 – 12.

While recognising the origin of the school and the contribution of both the members of the laity and the religious orders in the mission of the Church, the strong presence of the Good Samaritan Sisters at St Patrick’s for over one hundred and sixteen years has contributed significantly to the heritage, tradition and spirituality of the school.

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